Plastic roller screen machine

Plastic roller screen machine

After the material into the circular cylinder, circular cylinder under the action of motor rotation, the material inside the drum with the drum rotation direction, installed in the drum sieve sieve pore size is different, different particle size of materials vary with roller rotation by screening separation, gradually zui eventually finished product material of drum at the bottom of the discharging mouth eduction, screening system.
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Drum screening machine introduction:

Drum screening machine is also called the drum screen machine, it is carried out on the material size grading a sieving equipment, process arrangement is simple, mainly by front-rear mouth, motor, reducer, rack, roller device, etc, can be used in chemical, coking plant, mines, power plants, building materials, metallurgy and other industries, commonly used in medium and fine material classification screening, in order to improve the quality of the material.Drum screening machine adopts special screen, screening efficiency is high, long service life;The installation inclination Angle is small, the mesh is not easy to plug;Simple structure, easy maintenance;Smooth operation, low noise;Occupying a small space, easy to arrange the process.

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