Beverage Bottle Label Remover Machine

Beverage Bottle Label Remover Machine

PET bottle (generally refers to the daily life of mineral water bottle plastic) de-label machine refers to a variety of PET bottle label paper peeling, at the same time will be attached to the sediment dirt for preliminary washing of a kind of equipment, followed by part of the PP bottle cap from.
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The PET bottle de-label machine is specially designed and produced to strip the whole PET bottle (or flattened bottle) outer packaging label paper. It is one of the ideal auxiliary equipment necessary before the crushing and further cleaning process of PET bottle material.Mainly to meet the production needs of the PET cleaning line PET bottle off label section.The success of research and development of this product completely changes the status quo of manual labelling in the past, at the same time, greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and will produce good economic and social benefits.PET bottle strip marking machine working principle: the bottle from the material, the center line of the 116 alloy blade mounted on the spindle and the spindle and helix Angle rotation to a certain extent, the PET bottle conveying to the discharge end, the alloy knife blade with spin out the label, the exit has bellows room to spin off label from PET bottle, label paper blow out from the right side of the mouth, PET bottle directly.

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