High Strength Plastic Shredder

High Strength Plastic Shredder

High strength plastic shredder structure advantages 1. High strength plastic shredder main body of shredding machine It is welded with high quality thickened steel plate and machined as a whole to eliminate stress, so as to ensure the stable performance of the equipment in heavy load for a long...
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High strength plastic shredding machine structure advantages

1. Main body of high strength plastic shredder

Adopt high quality thickened steel plate welding and integral machining to eliminate stress and ensure stable performance of equipment under long time and heavy load

2. Decomposition reducer

Adopt imported reducer, large output torque, transmission efficiency up to 98, small volume, low noise, long service life, external dustproof cover, stable and safe.

3, shredding machine blade

Selection of high quality alloy materials, through precision mechanical processing, a variety of heat treatment and cooling processing technology, high hardness, strong toughness, sharp blade, to ensure that the cutting and long service life,

4, shredding machine shredder

Full copper core motor, low noise, wear resistance, good heat dissipation, reduce energy consumption, prolong life.

High strength plastic crusher for material

All kinds of wood, tires, refrigerators, PVC plastic, template, waste clothing, fiber, film woven bags, fishing nets, paint bucket, rubber products, household garbage, medical waste, industrial waste, scrap metal, waste cable, cardboard, pipe, circuit board

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