Small PET Portable Crushers

Starting of E-type gravel crusher
1. After inspection, it is proved that the machine and transmission parts are in normal condition before starting.
2. The machine is only allowed to start without load.
3. After starting, if abnormal conditions are found, start-up should be stopped immediately. After the abnormal conditions are identified and eliminated, the crusher can be restarted.
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Product Details

1.Product introduction: 

E-type gravel crusher is a kind of gravel crusher. The motor drives the belt and pulley to move the jaw up and down through the eccentric axis. When the jaw moves up, the angle between the elbow plate and the jaw becomes larger, thus pushing the jaw plate closer to the fixed jaw plate. At the same time, the material is crushed or split to achieve the purpose of crushing. Crusher crushing mode is curved extrusion type. When moving hull goes down, the angle between elbow plate and moving hull decreases. Under the action of pull rod and spring, the moving hull plate leaves the fixed hull plate. At this time, the crushed material is discharged from the lower outlet of the crushing chamber. The crusher periodically crushes and discharges materials with the continuous rotation of the motor.

2. Product Usage: 

It is suitable for crushing and recycling of all kinds of plastics, especially for all kinds of hard plastics .

Crusher easy to operate, easy to change knives, fast; Optimized design of tool holder, claw knife can be distributed by the force, so that each piece of knife shear force increase, suitable for crushing thick materials, hard material block, material, etc., effectively improve the cutting force of the tool, reduce tool wear; With electronic control safety design, hopper adopts double-layer structure, filled with sound insulation material, making the equipment has good safety and environmental protection, energy-saving and durable.


1, power seat for trapezoidal equipment design, use chip force decomposition, resulting in chip force double growth.

2. Heavy-duty bearing and oil seal device, with sound-proof partition, can effectively prevent vibration and ensure the processed products from being polluted by grease.

3. The motor is equipped with overcharge protection system, which is linked with power supply system and attached with cleaning tool protection system to ensure the safety during cleaning.

4, the tool installation design can be telescopic adjustment, blunt after more grinding, repeated use, long life.

5, separation design, hopper, crushing room filter, easy to disassemble and wash.

6, small machining casters, easy to move, the mainframe installed can be adjusted to avoid vibration foot, smooth work.

4.Product pictures:


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