Plastic stripper

Plastic stripper

PET bottle (generally refers to the plastic of mineral water bottle in daily life) stripper is a kind of equipment that strips the label paper on all kinds of PET bottles, and at the same time carries on the preliminary flushing of the sediment and dirt attached to the bottle, and then it can...
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Plastic stripper:

PET bottle (usually refers to the mineral water bottle in daily life) plastic stripper is a kind of equipment, with a variety of PET bottle on the label paper, while the initial rinse of sand and dirt attached to the bottle, then it can also be part of the PP bottle cap unasked.

The main uses of plastic stripper are:

1. Separate PET bottle body and label paper.

2. Preparations before crushing PET production line.

3. Used to ultimately reduce the PVC content in PET mesh.

4. Greatly improve work efficiency and replace manual production.

Working principle of plastic stripper:

1. In the stripping process, the stripping barrel, the main shaft, the moving knife on the shaft and the fixed knife on the cylinder wall are all made of hard alloy tool tip.In the process of mechanical propulsion, the contact between the bottle body and moving knife or fixed knife causes the label to fall off.

2, the separation link is mainly composed of separation box, main fan, auxiliary motor, separated by the wind.High efficiency, energy saving (no need for water), easy to use, easy to maintain machinery.The dropout rate is 98%.

The products produced by our company have the characteristics of low investment and quick results, which is an ideal choice to solve the transfer of rural surplus labor force, re-employment of laid-off workers in cities, recycling of waste plastics and other problems, and can effectively reduce environmental pollution.Where the purchase of the company's complete sets of equipment, the company provides free technical support, product channels.

Haode Machinery Factory in line with the principle of "reliable quality, reputation first", and constantly open up and innovate.R & D, production of a number of new plastic machinery.To the quality of survival, innovation and development, management and efficiency is the company's business philosophy.

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