Small multifunctional crusher

Small multifunctional crusher

The working principle of plastic crusher on the equipment is mainly driven by the motor cutter head high speed operation, and in the process of high speed rotation of the knife to form the trend of relative movement of the cutter head...
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Plastic crusher equipment on the working principle of the device is mainly driven by high speed motor knife knife plate, in the process of high-speed rotation of the trend of the relative motion of the moving knife knife form a knife and knife plastic extrusion shear gap formed between incision caused by large pieces of plastic crushing, after crushing plastic plastic particle size through the screen mesh filter output, convenient and save the processing procedure.For the processing of plastic film or woven bags, rectifying fans with directional air flow in the motor cavity can be used to reduce exhaust resistance and increase equipment output.

Miniature crusher

1. Powerful crusher is widely used for crushing and recycling all kinds of plastic products and waste materials.

2, The machine adopts steel structure, stable and durable, long-term use will not affect the performance of the machine due to material crushing.

3, Heavy duty bearing and oil seal device, and anti-noise baffle, can effectively prevent vibration and noise, can ensure that the processing is not polluted by oil.

4, the use of high strength steel screws to tighten the bearing capacity of the blade and knife holder.

5. Sound insulation treatment is carried out on the surrounding walls of the crushing room with low noise.

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