High speed material washing machine

High speed material washing machine

Friction material washing machine, it is an indispensable link of reworked material cleaning cleaning equipment, the body for fine holes at the bottom of the screen, with external water inlet at the top of material from the inlet end to leaf through the body of the high speed friction rub can wash away the material/oil/sand in residual cleaning agents and other impurities, the applicable scope is wide, and the cleaning effect is very obvious.
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Plastic washing machine is a professional plastic cleaning equipment, sheet material after washing machine, clean and transparent, for a variety of high impurities, heavy sand content of light materials for rapid rubbing, cleaning separation or softening.Further improve the cleaning quality, reduce the wear of the crusher blade, so as to improve the processing efficiency and quality.Used for cleaning waste plastics, with small footprint, simple operation, high output advantages, is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in plastic industry.Can be customized according to customer requirements of different specifications.

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