PET marking machine

PET marking machine

Crusher common accidents and treatment methods 1, elastic coupling produced percussion sound The reason; Pin loose;Elastic ring wear Exclusion method;Stop and tighten the pin nut and replace the elastic ring 2, Knocking sounds are generated inside the machine Cause: non-broken material entering...
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Common accidents and treatment methods of crusher

1. Causes of collision sound produced by elastic coupling;

Pin pine;Elastic ring anti-wear method;Stop and tighten the pin nut and replace the elastic ring

2. Causes of knocking sound inside the machine:

Unbroken materials enter the machine, the lining fastener becomes loose, hammer the lining, hammer or other parts broken elimination method: stop the car, clean the crushing chamber, check the tightness of the lining plate and the gap between the hammer and the screen, replace the broken parts

3. Cause of machine vibration:

Replacement of alloy tool head or due to alloy tool head wear, rotor static balance does not meet the requirements: alloy knife broken, rotor imbalance;Pin shaft bending broken;Triangle plate or plate crack: anchor bolt looseness elimination method: the alloy cutter, choose alloy tool bit weight, so the total weight of each alloy cutter axis is equal to the total weight relative alloy knife shaft of alloy knife, that is, static balance meet requirements: change alloy cutter: replace pin: welding repair or replacement: tighten the anchor bolts

Working principle of PET bottle labeling machine:

In front of the mouth of the bottle conveyor takeoff to material, there is a spiral, improve the strip barrels, bottle through a screw spindle fixed on the wall of the friction, make the label off, out of the room from PET bottle label, label paper blown from the top of the tag at the exit, PET bottle directly, also can adjust according to the different separation effect of the size of the bottle.In fact, the damage to the bottle mouth and the scratches on the bottle body by this device are very small.

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