PET Large Scale Stripper For Mineral Water

PET Large Scale Stripper For Mineral Water

The products of our company, with the characteristics of investment and quick effect, are the ideal choice to solve small the problem of transferring surplus rural labor force and reemployment of laid-off urban workers and recycling waste plastics, which can effectively reduce environmental...
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The company's products have the characteristics of large investment, quick results, is to solve the transfer of rural surplus labor force, laid-off workers in the city re-employment, waste plastic recycling and other small problems of the ideal choice, can effectively reduce environmental pollution.Where the purchase of the company's complete sets of equipment, the company provides free technical support, product channels.

Haode Machinery Factory in line with the principle of "reliable quality, reputation first", and constantly open up and innovate.R & D, production of a number of new plastic machinery.To the quality of survival, innovation and development, management and efficiency is the company's business philosophy.

PET large mineral water stripper usage:

PET large mineral water demolding machine is suitable for PET mineral water, beverage bottles, oil bottles and other bottle body and label paper, bottle cap separation equipment, remove all kinds of trademark wrapping paper.

Principle of PET large mineral water stripper:

Marking machine is the principle of the bottle into the hopper, using the standard of the alloy steel knife grain, trademark open a mouth of the bottle in the spindle center line and the rotation of the spindle blade welding and spiral Angle, the discharging mouth of the bottle feeding, the tooth knife blade with rotating label, the use of wind energy for separation, in line with the modern environmental protection function, trademark paper, can realize the automatic separation of the bottle and label;Good peeling rate (including sticker label), less paint damage, complete bottle mouth and body, good paper separation rate (rainy day does not affect the separation effect of paper), no bottle cap and bottle sheet on the trademark paper, really no loss.

Why do you choose us?

Advanced equipment, sophisticated technology: we have automatic assembly product line, sophisticated testing equipment, professional staff.

Quality assurance, cost-effective: professional production, strict quality control, cost optimization, the price is more affordable!

High quality service, to your satisfaction: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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