PET Plastic Bottle Peeling Machine Stripper

PET Plastic Bottle Peeling Machine Stripper

Haode machinery co., LTD. PET Plastic bottle peeling machine stripper Started in 1999, registered capital of 2 million, located in industrial baoding shunping county; The main products are chemical dry powder mixing + automatic weighing package design and production, chemical liquid mixing,...
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PET plastic bottle peeling machine of good de machinery co., LTD

Founded in 1999, the registered capital of 2 million, located in Baoding Shunping County Industrial Zone;

PET plastic bottle peeling machine patent equipment:

1: The whole production line of plastic dehydration and drying.

2. Complete production line for crushing, cleaning and recycling waste plastics such as PET mineral water bottle pieces, PP, PVC, etc.

From the beginning of its establishment, the company adhere to: serve the society, people-oriented, pioneering and innovative business philosophy, take the initiative to grasp the development trend of the industry, science as the guide, quality as the fundamental, in order to win the trust of customers, in the community service, looking forward to the future, we have more confidence!

PET plastic bottle peeling machine product characteristics

1. The design adopts imported GW1 high hardness alloy steel cutter and melon type cutter.Copper powder welding, welding area is large, welding solid, knife particles will not fall off, tool can be adjusted, replacement.

2. Dongguan copper wire motor, 7.5/15KW, level 6, high efficiency and energy saving.

3. Spindle C160mm, side plate 8mm, standard output peeling 1000-2000kg per hour.Durable, practical tool design for split design, easy to disassemble, peeling 3000 tons after the replacement of the tool is simple and convenient.Easy to maintain.

4, according to the size of the bottle, adjust the size of the cutter and friction clearance, to achieve a multi-purpose effect.

5, with a small footprint, greatly reduce labor, strong power, high productivity, less investment, fast return, easy maintenance and other advantages.

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