PET PVC Bottle Label Separating Peeler Machines

PET PVC Bottle Label Separating Peeler Machines

PET PVC Bottle Label Separating Peeler Machines Brand introduction: Haode machinery equipment co., LTD. Registered capital of 5 million yuan.The company is located in baoding industrial zone with a long history and beautiful scenery. Convenient transportation and the ancient city culture of...
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PET PVC bottle label separation peeling machine

Brand introduction:

Haode Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. registered capital of 5 million yuan.The company is located in Baoding industrial area with long history and beautiful scenery.Convenient transportation and thousands of years of ancient city culture let you linger here.Haode Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional sales company of waste plastic processing equipment, waste oil filtration processing equipment, metal crushing machinery, hydraulic baler equipment and other products. It has a complete and scientific quality management system.Good De mechanical equipment co., LTD. Good faith, strength and product quality recognized by the industry.Our products are sold all over the country and exported to more than 30 countries such as Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. We have won the support and trust of customers at home and abroad."New technology, leading development, details determine success or failure", the company in line with the principle of "quality of life, integrity and development", according to the central plain, the world, the courage to innovate, integrity management business philosophy, looking forward to people from all walks of life join hands to create a better tomorrow.

PET PVC bottle label separation peeling machine

Equipment structure:

The blade and body of the demoulding cutter are made of 10mm thick material, which can extend the service life of the demoulding cutter for 3-4 years (most of the wall thickness of the demoulding cutter on the market is between 4-6mm).

Without affecting the demoulding rate and output unchanged, our company will drop the demoulding speed, the crushing rate of this bottle of nozzle is the lowest (many cheap strippers with high speed to make up for the market defects of strippers are not filled, resulting in high loss);

800-1500kg /H reasonable design structure, so that the output further increase;

Only need to install half of the blade when using the plastic demoulding machine, without all the installation, causing unnecessary tool damage, ensure that the demoulding rate up to 98%.

The equipment adopts new folding type suction separator, which solves the problem that the market can not work in rainy days. It can be disassembled and easy to maintain.The separation rate is as high as 98.5%. The separated label paper does not contain bottle cap or broken bottle.

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