Plastic Bottle Crusher

Plastic Bottle Crusher

The all-round crusher manufactured by our company combines the advanced experience of domestic and foreign industries with the new equipment, which has the advantages of light weight, low energy consumption, good blade material, long service life and easy cleaning 1.Machine appearance beautiful...
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Product Details

The energy-saving shredder adopts microcomputer (PC) automatic control system, with the functions of start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control, with low speed, large torque, low noise and other characteristics.Bearing seat adopts opposable type, easy to remove the knife, suitable for large, thick material shredding.

1. Various hollow containers: plastic beverage cans, plastic buckets, plastic packaging boxes, plastic packaging buckets

2. Household appliances: plastic shell of TV set, plastic shell of washing machine, plastic shell of refrigerator

3. Pipe: large plastic pipe, pipe fittings, PE pipe

4. Common templates: plastic tray, big blue bucket

5. Rubber head material

Company qualification

Haode Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic machinery research and development, production and sales of fixed-point enterprises.The company continues to introduce advanced technology at home and abroad, pay attention to technical transformation, and constantly develop new products.With the development of The Times, the company focused on new products and new technology in the field of plastic and hold and control, to keep pace with The Times, always with the idea of advanced and mature perfect technology applied in the project development, take the customer as the center, the technical progress and economic rationality, and strive for customer satisfaction is always our goal, rapid response, in the right direction and field processing is our service tenet.Good De machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Good faith, strength and product quality recognized by the industry.Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our company.Visit, guide and business negotiation.

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