Plastic Scrap Crusher

Plastic Scrap Crusher

Plastic scrap crusher Suitable for recycle of plastic cashig,thin tube plastics,sprues from nijection&moulding sector,bottle plastics and shell plastics. PS series are easy to opereate and simple to replace cutters.Spacious flat blade is suitable to granulate bulky&thin plastics,increses...
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Product Details

Plastic scrap crusher

Suitable for recycle of plastic cashig,thin tube plastics,sprues from nijection&moulding sector,bottle plastics and shell plastics. PS series are easy to opereate and simple to replace cutters.Spacious flat blade is suitable to granulate bulky&thin plastics,increses effic iency; installed with electrcal safety devices; double wall hopper with sound-proof material.Motor is equipped with over-load protector,and power protection devices.Safety and environment concern,low electricity consumption and durable. Stainless

Main technical parameters

Model: PS - 150

Production: 60-100 kg/h

Main motor: 4kw

Feeding port size: 300*300mm

Number of knives: 5pcs

Dimensions: 800*650*1500mm

Pipe diameter: 8-10mm

Rotor diameter: 236mm

Weight: 300 kg

Plastic scrap crusher main features:

1. Adopt imported special tool steel to refine the tool, the gap between the tool can be adjusted, the tool can be repeated grinding, durable.

2. High strength steel screws are used to fasten the blade and the knife seat with strong bearing capacity.

3. Adopt low speed, sound insulation treatment, with minimal noise.

4. The motor is equipped with overload protection and power supply chain protection device, which can double protect the safety of the motor and the operator.

5. The feeding hopper adopts optimized design and special anti-rust treatment to avoid leakage and pollution of materials in the crushing process.

6. Separate design, hopper, main body and screen screen base are easy to remove and clean materials.

7.The perfect design of discharging device makes it very convenient for the operator to clean.

8. Stepped knife design, crushing force

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