PET plastic crusher

PET plastic crusher

Plastic crusher design unique cutting machine is suitable for crushing chip, basin, automobile tires, thick, water bottles, thin films, woven bags and other plastic products.
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Product Details

Plastic shredder PET plastic bottle peeling machine product specialty

The unique cutter design of plastic crusher is applicable to the crushing of thin slice, basin, automobile tire, thick strip, machine head, mineral water bottle, film, woven bag and other plastics with outstanding cutting force.Direct input without flattening.In the injection molding machine or granulator production material at the same time, produced defective products and nozzle material can be timely put into the machine side plastic grinder powder, diameter can be according to your different needs to replace the filter.The tool is made of rail steel, which can be grinded many times and used repeatedly.

Plastic shredder PET plastic bottle peeling machine details

1. Model 400: four knives

Tool steel refined ladder cutter, adjustable tool clearance, easy to disassemble, use quickly

2. increase the feeding port

Double skin guard, duck mouth widened to increase the feeding port, faster blanking, more violent beating

3. Large diameter flywheel

Large flywheel and belt wheel, motor 1440 rotation, knife shaft 576 rotation, strong stability, suitable for breaking all kinds of plastics

4. super long material drawer

Lengthen and increase drawer, 20 cm longer than the fuselage, only for more storage, more convenient for customers to take materials

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