PP/PE/PET Plastic Crusher

PP/PE/PET Plastic Crusher

Product features(PP/PE/PET Plastic Crusher) 1,the power seat for the trapezoidal equipment design, using cutting force decomposition, resulting in a double increase in cutting force. 2. Heavy load bearing and oil sealing device, with anti-noise baffle, can effectively prevent vibration, to...
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Claw knife type plastic crusher (PP/PE/PET)

1. The power seat is designed for trapezoidal equipment, and the cutting force is decomposed, resulting in the doubling of the cutting force.

2. Heavy load bearing and oil seal device, equipped with anti-noise baffle, can effectively prevent vibration, to ensure that the processing is not polluted by oil.

3. The motor is equipped with overcharge protection system, power supply chain system and cleaning tool protection system to ensure cleaning safety.

4, the tool installation design can be telescopic and adjustable.When the tool is blunt, it can be worn many times.

5. Separate design, blanking door, crushing chamber filter, easy to disassemble and clean.

6 miniature computer processing casters, easy to move, the main machine can be installed adjustable shock absorber, stable work.

Claw knife type plastic crusher (PP, PE, POM)

Q: ordinary crusher is not able to break the soft glue, can be converted into a crushing machine to break the soft glue?R: No, because the speed, the cutting Angle, the cooling method and the tool material are all different.

Q: Why can Holder grinder continuously crush plastic?Answer: San Chuang elastomer grinder is designed from the following aspects:

1. Cutting Angle: design cutting Angle for plastic material to make plastic material cutting more efficient;

2. Rotational speed: it is designed for the plastic material. Under the condition of high cutting efficiency, the crushing efficiency will not be affected.

3. Tool material: high hardness of high quality steel, decisive shear plastic, effectively reduce friction;Cooling method: water cooling system is set in the interlayer of the fuselage to effectively reduce the working temperature.

1. In addition to breaking plastic, can the plastic be crushed?

R: Yes, this machine can continuously crush plastics, but also can crush common engineering plastics such as ABS, PP, PC, PVC, etc., and for the addition of fiber materials, the grinding effect is also very good, the wear resistance of the cutter is more than 3 times of the ordinary mill.

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