PVC Plastic Crusher

PVC Plastic Crusher

PVC plastic crusher structural features: 1, the whole machine design adopts advanced design technology, equipment design accuracy is high. 2, the main components of the grinder are processed by CNC equipment, to ensure the manufacturing accuracy of the entire equipment, so as to fully achieve...
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Structure characteristics of PVC plastic crusher:

1, The machine design adopts advanced design technology, high precision equipment design.

2. The main parts of the grinder are processed by numerical control equipment, which ensures the manufacturing precision of the whole equipment, thus fully realizing the design precision of the equipment. The equipment has low working noise and small vibration.

3, High design precision and manufacturing precision, to ensure that the crushed bottle slice trimming neat, small crimp, for the subsequent process of cleaning and dehydration to bring great convenience.

4. The blade adopts V-shaped design, which has small impact force and small fluctuation of motor working current when broken.

5, the use of water crushing, not only when crushing no dust, but also in the crushing can play a role in cleaning.

6. Hydraulic transmission of screen frame, convenient replacement of screen frame.

7, the use of external adjustment blade, tool replacement is very convenient and fast.

8. The cutting tools are made of high quality German materials and advanced heat treatment technology, with long service life.

9, Dry powder and wet powder can be used, the body change the original thin iron sheet material, the body adopts double thickness processing to make the operation safer, the service life of the machine is longer.

Uses and characteristics of PVC plastic crusher

1, the machine adopts high hardness steel template, durable.

2. The rotating shaft is made of special materials and is not easy to be deformed.

3. Props can be adjusted independently, and can be repeatedly ground and used

4, Hopper, cutting tool, filter can be decomposed, easy to disassemble, easy to clean

5, The motor is equipped with overload protection and safety switch to ensure safety.

6, the use of cone hole technology, greatly improve the work efficiency.

Prior to delivery, the customer has the opportunity to obtain various inspection methods (1. Shoot trial video and send it to the customer 2.In the on-site inspection (3) the client check goods friends and relatives) customers according to their own situation to choose the appropriate test method, the customer will only be confirmed after shipment, if after delivery confirmation, if there is no quality problem does not support the return of the freight transportation company damage) we do not bear the freight, buy machine sellers in good faith, the customer is supreme, 100% sincere service for you

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