Recycled Pet Fabric

Recycled Pet Fabric

1.This machine is mainly used for crushing waste plastics with high hardness and large thickness, and can be used for crushing blue plastic chemical drums, oil cans, automobile bumpers and electricity High hardness plastics such as shell of bullet car, inner liner of washing machine, shell of...
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1.This machine is mainly used for crushing waste plastics,Woven bag, handbag, beverage bottle etc.

2.Repair and maintenance of crusher machinery:

(1) the cutting tool is used for a long time, so it will lose its sharpness. The blade grinding must be removed to avoid deterioration of the operating conditions of the machine.

(2) two bearings at both ends of the spindle are equipped with lubricating oil nozzle, which should be refueled regularly;

(3) after the use of a considerable time, the triangle belt will be extended, the middle distance should be adjusted, so as not to reduce the transmission power;

(4) when the broken material is thin film and other frivolous materials, occasionally encounter infarction in the middle of the broken room, can open the broken room top door, with a small stick to the bottom of the room agitation;

Can, must not hand room bottom, in order to avoid accidents.

3.Structural features:

1. The whole machine is designed with advanced design technology and high design precision.

2, the main parts of the grinder are processed by CNC equipment, to ensure the manufacturing accuracy of the whole equipment, so as to fully achieve the design accuracy of the equipment, set Low noise and small vibration.

3. High design precision and high manufacturing precision ensure that the crushed bottle slices are neat in cutting edges and small in crimping, which brings a great deal of cleaning and dehydration in the later process Convenient.

4. V-shaped design is adopted for cutting edge, with small impact force and fluctuation of motor working current when grinding.

5, the use of water crushing, not only no dust when crushing, but also at the same time can play the role of cleaning.

6, screen bracket hydraulic transmission, screen replacement convenient.

7, the use of outside machine adjustment blade, tool replacement is very convenient and rapid.

8. The matched cutting tools are made of German high quality brand materials and adopt advanced heat treatment technology, with long service life.

9, dry powder and wet powder can be, the body changes the original thin iron sheet feeding, the body of the double layer thickening treatment to make the operation more safe, the machine life is longer.

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