Small Rock Crusher

Product parameters:
Origin: Baoding, Hebei, China
Colour: According to convention
Purpose: Waste rock crusher
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Product Details

1.Performance characteristics

1. Large throughput, high crushing chamber, high hardness of materials, large size, less stone powder.

2. The material is suspended and the crushing power consumption is small.

3. New hammer head, strong impact.

4. The installation of hammer shaft is adjustable and the life of hammer head is long.

5. Adjustable grid size, controllable product size and good particle shape.

6. The chassis can be turned over, and the maintenance is more convenient.

7. Square shank bolts, impact and wear resistance.

8. Compact structure and strong rigidity.

9. Putting together structure, easy to carry and install.

10. Impact, counterattack, impact (stone) crushing function, high production efficiency, small wear and tear of machine parts, comprehensive benefit is remarkable.

2.Installation Method

1. The equipment shall be installed at the level of the concrete foundation and fixed with the bolt.

2. Attention should be paid to the main body and vertical horizontal installation.

3. Check the looseness of some bolts after installation, and strengthen the tightening of the warehouse door of the host country.

4. Configure power cord and power control switch according to equipment.

5. After inspection, empty load test, test and production can be normal.

2.Product parameters:

Origin: Baoding, Hebei, China

Colour: According to convention

Purpose: Waste rock crusher

3.Special Note: The company promises that all products sold are manufacturer's direct sales, one false compensation 10. All of our products are in-kind shooting, possibly due to the deviation of angle and display color and in-kind deviation, if the basic parameters of individual products are changed, the manufacturer fails to inform us in time and we fail to update in time. All goods are subject to receiving in-kind.

4.Product pictures:


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