plastic crusher

plastic crusher

Plastic crusher refers to the crushing of all kinds of plastics, plastics and rubber, such as plastic profiles, pipes, bars, waste rubber products, hard plastics, etc.
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Product Details

Plastic crusher

Use: Recycled plastic crusher

Plastic types :PP, PE, PVC, etc

Certification :CE, ISO

Power :55 kw

Capacity :1000 kg/h

Weight :3000 kg

Product Features:

1. Heavy-duty bearing and oil seal device are equipped with sound insulation baffle and tool cleaning device to ensure safety

2. Blade structure design, stronger crushing force

3. Through repeated experiments and actual use results, it is proved that the motor power selection design is highly compatible with the efficiency of the model, so as to ensure the low energy consumption, high efficiency and long service life of the whole series of Jinheng force products

4. Each component has set the reference hole and surface for rough and precise processing for many times, and the testing procedure is carried out in accordance with strict standards to ensure the reliable accuracy of each component and the interchangeability of components, which greatly facilitates the replacement of accessories in the process of product use and maintenance.

This plastic crusher is suitable for crushing plastic pipe, plastic tubular structure or hollow container, etc.Crushing materials are PVC, PP, PE, PET, EVA, PC and so on.

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