Waste Pet Plastic Bottle Label Remover Machine

Waste Pet Plastic Bottle Label Remover Machine

Waste pet plastic bottle label remover machine Product Description: PET plastic bottle label remover machine is to remove the label or trademark from bottles for making bottles recycling use. The machine is an necessary equipment for recycling bottles. Machine is easy to operate. And high label...
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Product Details

Waste PET plastic bottle label remover

Description of label cleaner for discarded PET plastic bottles:

This machine is a must - have equipment for recycling bottles,The machine is easy to operate,High label removal rate,The best quality.

The working principle of the label removal machine for waste PET plastic bottles:

Bottle into the hopper, using the standard of the alloy steel knife grain, trademark figure to open a mouth of the bottle in the spindle center line and the rotation of the spindle blade welding and spiral Angle, the discharging mouth of the bottle feeding, knife knife teeth spin labeling, using wind energy, in line with the modern environmental protection function, trademark paper, can realize the automatic separation of bottles and labels, off-label rate more than 99% (including sticky labels), draw the damage is very small, bottle mouth and body intact, in this paper, the separation rate was 100% (even on a rainy day, it does not affect the separation effect) in this paper, label paper don't put the bottle cap and bottle flakes, really have no loss.

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