PET bale opener

PET bale opener

This production line adopts Japanese technology. After crushing and cleaning PET, it is directly put into the single screw extruding production line for granulation.It doesn't destroy the structure or the physical properties of the molecule.
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The production line adopts Japanese technology, the PET is crushed, cleaned and directly put into the single screw extrusion line for granulation.It does not destroy the structure and physical properties of the raw material molecules, and is much more economical than the traditional pellet feeding method.The single screw extruder production line adopts large diameter screw, equipped with special exhaust equipment, can effectively remove liquid water content, high output.Stacking line adopts water ring waste polyester plastic recycling machine, the particles are uniform and beautiful.We can design different recycling lines for you according to your requirements: 1) Parallel unbaling machine can handle PET bottle packaging of 100~600kg, more safe 2) Roller sorting machine: separate metal, sand and other impurities from PET bottles.3) Sorting table: automatically detect metal for protection of crusher, and manually separate PVC bottles through UV detection device.4) Crusher: good quality blade, wear-resisting, long life.Our services, pre-sale: to provide customers a detailed technical offer, sign the sales contract, sales aspects, such as: to provide the detailed installation instructions, technical support, after-sales, we arrange engineer to install the machine, train workers, we have 24 hours to solve the after-sales team problem, we have free accessories, we provide every customer with long-term spare parts, we always update new technology to every customer

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