Attention to the operation of the plastic grinder

- Aug 29, 2018-

1. The plastic crusher and power unit shall be firmly installed. If the plastic crusher needs long-term fixed operation, it should be fixed on the cement foundation; If the plastic crusher flow operation is required, the unit should be installed on the frame made of Angle iron, and ensure that the power machine (diesel engine or motor) and the plastic crusher pulley groove in the same rotary plane. 2, after the installation of the plastic grinder to check the fastening of each part of the fasteners, if there is loose to give tightening. At the same time to check the belt tightness is appropriate.

3, before starting the plastic crusher, first turn the rotor by hand, check the tooth claw, hammer and rotor operation is flexible and reliable, there is no collision phenomenon in the crushing room, whether the rotation direction of the rotor is consistent with the direction of the arrow, whether the power machine and plastic crusher lubrication is good.

4, do not replace the belt pulley, in case the speed is too high to cause the crushing chamber explosion, or the speed is too low to affect the work efficiency of the crusher.

5. After starting, the plastic crusher should be kept idling for 2~3min, and then put into operation after there is no abnormal phenomenon.

6, the work should always pay attention to the operation of the plastic mill, first of all, the feeding should be uniform, in order to prevent blocking the crushing chamber; Second, don't overwork for long. If vibration, noise, bearing and body temperature is too high, spray material and other phenomena, should immediately stop the machine for inspection, troubleshooting can continue to work.