automatic beverage bottle delabeling machine

- Nov 08, 2019-

Product description:

Off-label machine, mixer (vertical horizontal type), feeder, crusher, mixer (high speed and low speed), dispersing machine, dehydrator (vertical horizontal type), vibrating screen, conveyor belt, pet.PEC self-cleaning line

I plant professional r & d production off the standard machine, now has batch production, there are a lot of spot, warmly welcome to buy!The r & d success of off-label machine, completely changed the past by manual off-label status quo, at the same time greatly improved the production efficiency, reduce costs, reduce labor intensity, let you no longer difficult to please, expensive labor, not to do the goods and worry!Tackle your biggest headache and biggest problem once and for all.Take you to the customer off the bid site to see the machine test, warmly welcome the boss to visit!The main components of plastic are PE,PP,ABS,PS and PVC. Due to the lack of metal resources, plastic products have been widely used. At the same time, these convenient plastic products have brought me serious problems and caused serious pollution to the environment.