Basic information of jaw crusher

- Sep 12, 2018-

Jaw crusher is mainly used as coarse crusher and medium crusher in mining, building materials, infrastructure and other departments. According to the width of the inlet, it can be divided into three types: large, medium and small. Those with the width of the inlet greater than 600MM are large machines, those with the width of the inlet 300-600mm are medium machines, and those with the width of the inlet less than 300MM are small machines. Jaw crusher simple structure, easy to manufacture, reliable work.

The working part of the jaw crusher is two jaw plates, one is fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw), vertical (or the upper end is slightly tilted) fixed on the front wall of the body, the other is movable jaw plate (movable jaw), the position is inclined, and the fixed jaw plate to form the upper big lower small crushing chamber (working chamber). The movable jaw plate makes periodic reciprocating movements against the fixed jaw plate, sometimes apart, sometimes close. When separating, the material enters the crushing chamber and the finished product is discharged from the lower part; When approaching, the material between the two jaw plates is crushed, bent and split.

The jaw crusher can be divided into simple swing jaw crusher (simple swing jaw crusher) according to the swing mode of the movable jaw plate. There are three kinds of complex swinging jaw crusher (compound swinging jaw crusher) and comprehensive swinging jaw crusher.