Can iron and aluminum separator

- Feb 26, 2020-

Working principle:

The PET plastic bottle material is transported to the feeding port of the de-labeling machine. There is a spiral push at the front of the de-labeling machine to push the bottle to the de-labeling section.The rotating knife on the spindle and the fixed knife fixed on the tube wall conduct spiral friction to make the label paper fall off. There is a centrifugal cyclone design separation chamber at the exit to separate the stripped label from the PET bottle. The label paper is blown out from the label outlet on the top, and the PET bottle is pushed out from the other side by the rotating screw of the spindle.According to the size of the bottle, the spacing between the spindle alloy blade and the inner wall blade can be adjusted flexibly.Reasonable to avoid the blade on the body of the bottle scratches, so that the manufacturer produced better quality of bottle pieces, sold at a higher price.