Cleaning water tank broken and dry cleaning line

- Nov 15, 2019-

Difference between off-label machine and manual:

De-bid machine de-bid: quick capital turnover, not subject to site restrictions;How much to do, the day clear;

Ask a small number of people, good management, really no one to come;No weather restrictions.

Manual bidding: capital turnover is slow, the site is too small to open;A mountain of goods, goods can not do;

People difficult to please, artificial expensive, think not to come not to come;Afraid of heat stroke in summer, afraid of cold in winter;

Spring/autumn is busy with farming, but not rainy.

Long service life: the blade and cylinder wall of this type of stripper are made of 10mm thick material, extending the service life of the stripper by 3-4 years (the wall thickness of most stripper in the market is between 4-6mm);

Production capacity: 800-1500kg /H reasonable design structure to further increase the output;(can be customized larger output off-label machine)

Low wastage: under the condition that the rate and output of off-label are not affected, the bottle mouth is not broken and the bottle body is not damaged, the off-label rate is 99%.

Off-label rate: the new equipment can be used only by installing half of the blades, which does not need to be fully loaded, resulting in unnecessary tool damage. Meanwhile, the off-label rate is guaranteed to be as high as 98% (except the glue-labeled bottles) and the off-label efficiency of the compression bottles is 92%.

Separation rate: the new type of decomposable suction separator is adopted to solve the problem that the market can't work in rainy days, and it is removable for activities. It is very convenient for maintenance and maintenance. The separation rate is up to 99.5%.

Detachable: the detachable drum adopts the opposite dislocation door, and there is no dead Angle in the knife changing and mounting, and each screw on the wall can be removed freely for easy replacement and installation

Quality: the motor adopts the national standard dongguan motor and fan, which are made by the factory according to the equipment configuration, so as to solve the inconvenience and unsatisfactory position and effect brought by the purchased fan;(accessories and the whole machine are guaranteed for one year, except for wearing parts)