Coke bottle cleaning and heating production line

- Nov 19, 2019-

Pet cleaning equipment assembly line is also known as pet bottle off label crushing and cleaning production line, mineral water bottle crushing and cleaning production line, polyester bottle crushing and cleaning production line, plastic bottle processing and recycling production equipment, etc.Choose the right production line equipment, not only can achieve better use effect, and energy-saving environmental protection.

Pet cleaning equipment assembly line is suitable for waste pet bottles (such as mineral water bottles, coke bottles, soda bottles, etc.) to be de-labeled, broken, cleaned, dried and processed into high quality renewable pet pieces.The recycling and recycling of Pet bottles can not only solve environmental problems, but also alleviate the shortage of Pet as a new raw material resource.

The assembly line of pet cleaning equipment is composed of conveyor, de-labeling machine, plane sorting conveyor, strong pressure crusher, heating hot washing pot, friction cleaning machine, cold water rinsing sink, bottle dehydrator, hot air dehumidifier dryer, silo, etc.According to the production needs of the customers, the quanta factory will work out an effective and reasonable cleaning plan.

Quanta pet cleaning equipment production line from efficient conveyor to remove the bottle label labeling machine, and then a plane sorting conveyor selected out noise of pet bottle residual impurities (such as green, blue, etc.), into the crusher for crushing, after crushing of bottle to rinse in cold water pool (pet bottles and caps, stains, the remaining label paper separation)

Then to the heating hot line steamer to remove stains ink and so on, and then after the friction cleaning machine to residual stains, after the second cold water rinsing, cleaning after the completion of dehydration/hot air drying.This production is the basic operation process of conventional hot wash/cold wash. Our company will make a complete cleaning plan suitable for users according to the actual production requirements of customers.