Debiao machine cleaning sink horizontal dehydrator

- Nov 12, 2019-

Product Description

Plastic bottle delabeling machine adopts imported alloy steel cutter, long wear - resistant time.Claw-type cutting tool, copper powder welding, welding area, welding firm, the cutter will not fall off, the tool can be adjusted, can be replaced.Fixed knife and moving knife are welded with alloy steel, the gap between fixed knife and moving knife can be adjusted according to the requirements: so as to achieve the effect of off-label.Tool replacement, adjustment is very convenient, really do not ask for maintenance, no longer need to worry about the rate off the label.

The machine is composed of paper stripping device, bottle device, label separation device, high speed suction fan, motor and other components;Plastic bottle off the label machine shaft after a lathe processing (core parts), high degree of concentricity, do not throw disk, stable performance, long life.

Peel paper effect is good, the paper and the bottle separation is clean, does not hurt the bottle body, does not change color, after stripping paper mineral water bottles into transparent, scratch less, low loss.

Using the rotating grasp of the main rotating shaft and the fixed knife, the off-label machine can realize the efficient separation of PET bottles, mineral water bottles and similar bottles and trademark paper.High output, durability, practicality is very strong, alloy tool design for the design of the body, easy to disassemble, easy to change the tool, easy to maintain, powerful power, efficient labor saving, mineral water PET coke bottle waste efficient low cost processing, less investment, quick return.Mechanical internal Angle, spacing, radian by scientific design, fine processing, not only stripping paper cleanliness up to 98%

Plastic bottle stripping machine is mainly used to separate all kinds of plastic bottles of the trademark wrapping paper (paste exception), is the plastic bottle crushing and further cleaning process before the ideal equipment.Is to meet the PET washing line plastic trademark ZhiGong period of wrapping paper and plastic bottle recycling field to trademark production needs, peeling machine research and development success, not only changed the past on the present situation of the artificial to take off the label, but also greatly improves the production efficiency, reduce cost, reduce labor intensity, and will produce good economic benefit and social benefit.