Electrical packaging pearl cotton granulator

- Nov 28, 2019-

Foam granulator is also called foam granulator, with reasonable design, high degree of automation, xian technology, energy saving wu pollution, can directly produce particles at room temperature, uniform brightness, without destroying the original molecular mechanism, produced particles are widely used, the market is in short supply.


Application of foam granulator:

Used for processing EPS foam (styrofoam), such as waste fast food box and home appliance packaging, to make it into recycled PS granule.This zai sheng plastic can produce a variety of stationery, toys and electrical shell.


Characteristics of foam granulator:

1, the new generation of foam granulator with new technology, new design, beautiful appearance, easy to use.

2. This set of foam granulator is equipped with complete supporting facilities, which can be produced automatically and continuously, from raw material crushing, pulling and cutting into granule are all produced automatically.

3, a full set of foam granulator covers a small area, less power consumption, high quality finished products, a wide range of applications.

4. Separate distribution system is adopted to ensure more complete motor operation.

5, make full use of the high pressure friction heating system, automatic heating production, avoid the heating system continuous heating, more energy saving.

6, screw and outlet are made of high strength advantage carbon structure lead steel processing, durable, not easy to deformation.