Go to the label machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

To marking machine, its characteristics is stripping knife barrel is set to the cylindrical barrel body, stripping knife axis parts of the ladle Settings have peel label unit, peel label unit peripheral coiling set screw knife shaft, peel label device through belt for circle movement, stripping barrels knife close to the belt is set in one side of the dehumidifying device, connected with desiccant dehumidification device with fan, dehumidification fan drive the dehumidifying device to remove stripping knife while working with the moisture inside the bucket, stripping knife drum set above the feed hopper, stripping knife barrel through the pipeline connected with label separation bucket, label separation bucket set with electrostatic separation device, the label base separation drum set with a bottle of holes, A paper blower is arranged on the side wall of the bottle outlet hole, and a paper outlet hole is arranged on the side wall of the top of the label separation barrel. The beneficial effect of the utility model is that the marking machine is processed by wind without water, does not pollute the environment, has low noise, and has good stripping effect, and can achieve no bottle in the paper and no paper in the bottle, which is both environmental protection and health and energy saving.