Grain crusher

- Jan 17, 2020-

Operating instructions:

1. Before starting the machine, all parts shall be inspected in detail, the opening is slightly not broken, the bolt is loose, the speed is reasonable, there is oil in the lubrication place, the machine is loose or sticking when rotating by hand, if there is any bad phenomenon, it must be eliminated before starting the machine.

2. Remove metal, sand, stone and other sundries in materials to prevent damage to machine parts.

3. The operator shall stand on the side of the feeding port, and shall not enter the machine by hand. The starting cover shall not be opened during operation.

4. Whether the rotation direction of the empty machine is correct or not, wait for several minutes of idling until the machine runs smoothly before starting the work.

5. It is strictly prohibited to start the load, and after the start of the air operation is normal, an appropriate amount of even feeding can be carried out. The feeding speed can be increased if the powder spraying occurs sometimes, but the motor is not overloaded.

6. When the feeding port is blocked, do not use hands, hard wood sticks or iron bars to force feeding.

7. Work for about 500 hours, clean and check the bearings, change the lubricating oil, and the operator shall not leave the post during the operation of the machine.Stop the machine immediately when you hear the abnormal sound, find out the reason and eliminate it.

8. When the hammer piece a sense of wear, the hammer piece can be turned or replaced with new edges and corners.

9 when playing red taro powder must be fan, elbow off, because the fan suction air volume is too big, the lesbian hair is long, it is easy to pull the hair clothing into the fan injury, otherwise the consequences.

10. Idle for 2-3 minutes before shutdown, and turn off the feed adjustment to clear the excess material in the machine.