High efficiency plastic basket crusher

- Nov 25, 2019-

Plastic crusher advantage

1, blade blade structure between the claw knife, flat knife, suitable for crushing common sheet, pipe, profile, plate and packaging materials and other plastic products.2. Universal plastic crusher adopts sealed bearing to keep the bearing turning well for a long time;Reasonable design of knife shape, uniform granulation of products;Hot shrinkage treatment, and after strict balance test, the shape design is beautiful and generous.

Operating procedures and methods of plastic shredder:

1. Switch on the power grid;

2. Run the machine by pressing the inching button;

3. Starting and idling for 1 or 2 weeks;

4. Joint operation of transshipment machine and shredder;

5. Check that there is no abnormality and send the startup signal.

6. During operation, the mechanical and motor shall have no vibration, sound and humidity shall be normal, and the temperature of each bearing shall not exceed 75.

7, the transfer machine chain must be the same tightness, in full load, the chain tightness is not allowed to exceed two chain link length, not to have the phenomenon of clamping chain, chain jump.

8. After the fusible plug or easy chip damage of the joint of the transfer machine is damaged, wood or other materials shall not be used.

9. The safety device of the protective net of the crusher shall be kept intact and inspected frequently during the working process. In case of any damage, it shall be immediately shut down for treatment.