High speed universal crusher

- Jul 26, 2019-

High speed universal crusher is a kind of device which makes use of high speed relative motion between moving teeth to crush teeth, friction and impact between materials. The machine is simple in structure, firm, smooth in operation and good in crushing effect. The inner surface of the machine shell is smooth through machining, which changes the phenomenon of rough inner wall and powder accumulation before, and makes the production of medicine, food and chemical industry more in line with the national standard. In addition to the tooth disk is SUS3042B, the other materials in contact with the internal and external wall material is SUS316L. Comply with GMP requirements.

Technical parameters

Model SF130 SF180 SF250 SF320;

The production capacity is 2-7 kg/h 10-30 kg/h 50-250 kg/h 80-300 kg/h;

Spindle speed is 4200 RPM;

Working noise <85 db <85 db <85 db <85 db;

Grinding fineness 20-120 mesh 20-120 mesh 20-120 mesh 20-120 mesh 20-120 mesh;

Motor power 1.5kw 2.2kw 5.5kw 7.5kw;

Overall dimension (L*W*H) : 580*380*800mm: 580*380*920mm: 630*490*1160mm: 810*500*1230mm;

It weighs 75 kg, 85 kg, 155 kg, 208 kg.

Directions for use

1. Add hopper on the WF series dust removal and crushing machine, and feed adjustment is provided on the lower and outer side of the hopper

According to the fragile degree and crushing fineness of the material, the intercalating board should be adjusted to the proper position of the falling material size and locked.

2. There is a discharge port under this machine. If there is a slight spraying phenomenon when the material is discharged with the air volume, the discharge shall be tied with a cloth bag with an outlet to allow the material to overflow slowly through the cloth bag with an outlet.

3. An empty running test should be conducted before the first start up, and the machine should be checked before the test

Parts to confirm whether the machine is qualified.

4. The machine is water-cooled, which should be used to avoid damage to the bearing.

Matters needing attention

1. Check whether there is any foreign body in the crushing cavity (it must be empty before starting), and turn on the power.

2. Tighten the butterfly nut of the upper cover and crushing chamber.

3. Start the motor, turn the empty machine for 1-2 minutes, and feed the materials gradually from the feeding tray. The feeding should not be too fast or too much.

4. If the motor does not turn when the material is stuck, please turn it off immediately to prevent the motor from burning out. After clearing the stuck material, it can continue to use.

5. It is strictly forbidden to open the upper cover and reach into the crushing cavity with your hands during the use of the machine.

6, this machine is a dry crusher, not suitable for crushing wet and greasy.

7. Please replace different screens as required.