Mill installation

- Jan 17, 2020-

1. The machine can be fixed on a wooden frame, an iron frame or a cement frame, or on a tractor motor tricycle, but the safety of operation must be firmly guaranteed when fixed.

2. When the crusher and the motor are installed, the two axes must be parallel, and the outer end of the two pulley must be on plane 1.Motor installation should have the adjustment gap, belt tightness adjustment should be appropriate, can not send or too tight.

3. Powder receiving device: a material bag with a diameter of 0.5 meters and a length of 3 meters shall be sewed. When receiving appropriate materials, the powder shall be produced immediately for continuous operation.According to different conditions, three assembly methods can be used for the installation of the wind engine housing.

A. The air outlet is vertically downward;B. Rotate the air outlet 90°C. The air outlet is vertically downward

4. Check whether the grease of the bearing is hardened or deteriorated. If so, clean oil shall be used to wash the grease and replace with a new calcium-base grease.

5. After installation, check whether there is any foreign body in the machine, whether the open lock on the pin shaft is reliable, close the cover and tighten the handwheel;Use your hand to turn the pulley, the rotation should be flexible, no friction or collision phenomenon, and check whether the power steering is correct.