Mineral water bottle coke bottle peeling machine

- Jan 06, 2020-

First, the basic situation

1: PET (polyester) bottle cleaning recycling production line, also known as PET plastic bottles and broken the recycling production line, PET bottle recycling line, crushing dry cleaning recycled plastic bottles production line, applicable to waste PET bottles, such as mineral water, coke and other kinds of plastic bottles to mark, crushing, washing, drying, packaging of a complete set of production equipment, processed into polyester waste PET plastic bottles of pills of a complete set of processing solution, to turn waste PET bottles renewable utilization of high quality PET bottle flakes.This equipment produces high quality PET bottle chips, which can be used to produce PET recycled polyester equivalent fiber products and other high quality PET related products.The production line looks beautiful, low energy consumption, high output, practical and reliable.The new rinsing device can be washed with the breaking, greatly improving the production efficiency, and the washing material is clean, to meet the requirements of the first class clean sheet.

2: PE, PP waste plastic film recycling and cleaning production line is mainly used for recycling plastic packaging film, agricultural plastic film, greenhouse film PE/PP plastic, PE/PP plastic waste mixture, waste PP woven bags, plastic bags, household waste plastic, waste agricultural film plastic film.The production line is through the introduction, absorption of the international industry advanced ideas and technology, and combined with the needs of today's development and waste plastic secondary application of the characteristics of development and development, can meet the domestic and foreign waste plastic recycling treatment of environmental requirements.

3. Recycling and cleaning production lines for acrylic, scrap and other plastics

Ii. Detailed process

1: recycled PET bottles, first through the "marking machine off" remove the bottle label, and then through the sorting conveyor "plane", in this step of the selected material mixed bottle residual impurities (such as green, blue, etc.), and then enter the "mill" shattered, came out into the "rinse tank" separation (PET bottle flakes and PP label paper, separation of the cap), entered "hot pot" heated after separation of clean cleaning, after coming out again into the "rinse rinse tank" (remove the detergent in the high temperature heating), finally to pack into the "dryer" directly after dehydration.For large output and high level of bottle pieces, we can achieve high precision pieces through the whole bottle pre-washing process, off-label sorting process, initial breaking process, initial washing and separation process, high-temperature cleaning process, neutralization cleaning process, rinsing and drying process, bottle pieces selection process and a whole set of washing process.This process is a conventional process. According to different production locations and different production requirements, our factory can also design different production plans according to customer needs.

2: the recycling line of waste plastic film mainly consists of conveyor belt, crusher, friction cleaning machine, hot wash and precipitation rinsing pool, high-speed friction cleaning machine, cold water precipitation rinsing pool, dehydrator, pipeline drying system, bin, control electric box and so on.

3: acrylic, scrap and other plastic recycling and cleaning production lines are mainly composed of: conveyor belt, crusher, friction cleaning machine, hot wash precipitation rinsing pool, high-speed friction cleaning machine, cold water precipitation rinsing pool, dehydrator, etc.