Mineral water label separator

- Nov 11, 2019-

Working principle of PET bottle stripper: the toothed plate on the rotor of PET bottle stripper is used to rub the PET bottle label. At the same time, PET bottle label is stripped under the friction of the screw rod of the barrel body of PET bottle stripper. Under the water washing, PET bottle and label are separated, and the whole bottle is pre-washed at the same time.

1. The friction tooth plate and screw have long wear resistance and can be replaced;

2. After label stripping, the automatic separation of bottle body and label can be implemented;

3. Off-bid rate ≥90%, failing to meet the promise of full refund;

4. Solved the malpractice of easy breaking of the bottle mouth in the process of the old marking machine (the material of the bottle mouth is the heaviest, it is a pity to lose), and the breakage rate of the bottle mouth is < 5%.