Plastic bottle mineral water bottle paper and plastic separator

- Jan 06, 2020-

Scope of application

The machine is suitable for PET mineral water bottle, coke bottle, green tea bottle, black tea bottle, wahaha bottle, ebaohua bottle, baotou bottle, fruit orange, dongpeng beverage bottle, import bottle, compression bottle, packaging bottle and other plastic bottles.

Difference between off-label machine and manual:

De-bid machine de-bid: quick capital turnover, not subject to site restrictions;How much to do, the day clear;

Ask a small number of people, good management, really no one to come;No weather restrictions.

Manual bidding: capital turnover is slow, the site is too small to open;A mountain of goods, goods can not do;

People difficult to please, artificial expensive, think not to come not to come;Afraid of heat stroke in summer, afraid of cold in winter;

Spring/autumn is busy with farming, but not rainy.