Plastic pellet crusher

- Nov 05, 2019-

Use characteristics

This machine is suitable for crushing waste, secondary products or injection of polystyrene, polypropylene, nylon, engineering plastics and polychlorinated foam soft materials.if the screen plate is replaced and the clearance of the blade is adjusted, it can also break all kinds of plastic waste such as blowing film, beverage bottle, thin slice and thin sheet.

Method of use

Connect the power supply, before starting the machine, first use your hand to move the inertia wheel to observe whether there is a foreign body in the machine, and then start up the empty operation for about 20 minutes, to pay attention to whether the moving knife steering is clockwise, if not clockwise, should change the motor steering, if everything is normal, can be put into processing.

Repair and maintenance of machinery

(1) the tool is used for a long time, will lose the sharpness, must be removed from the blade grinding, in order to avoid the deterioration of the machine operating conditions.

(2) two bearings at both ends of the spindle are provided with lubricating oil nozzles, which shall be lubricated regularly

(3) the triangular belt will stretch after using for a long time, so the center distance should be adjusted so as not to reduce the transmission power

(4) when the crushing material is thin film and other frivolous materials, occasionally encounter infarction in the middle of the crushing chamber, you can open the door of the top of the crushing chamber, with a small stick to the bottom of the chamber to stir, must not hand into the bottom, to avoid accidents.

Structural characteristics of

1) the tool is made of famous fine steel, especially durable.

2) all kinds of soft and hard plastic crusher, easy and easy.

3) front and rear sound insulation design with minimal noise.

4) compact design, minimal floor space and easy maintenance.

5) the motor is equipped with over-load protection device and power supply connection protection system to protect the motor tool.

6) different materials can be selected for the tool machine with different outer diameter screen.

7) pulley is attached to the foot of the machine for convenient movement.

8) buffer room design and curtain design of concentrate mouth to avoid flying test of materials