Polyester beverage bottle marking machine

- Jan 31, 2020-

Peeling machine work principle 】 【 after plastic bottles into the hopper, using the strip machine alloy steel knife and cylinder on the alloy tool bit trademark on the bottle drawing to open a mouth, with spindle blade welding on a main shaft centerline and helix Angle of rotation, the bottle material conveying to the discharge end, the teeth on the blade knife to spin out the tag, the use of wind energy for separation, in line with the modern environmental protection function, trademark paper strip, can realize the automatic separation of bottles and labels;The off-label rate is over 98%. The new off-label machine is redesigned

The equipment is the latest development and production of the company's new - style off - bid equipment.The claw knife is added to the original de-marking equipment, and the combination mode of moving knife and fixed knife is adjusted. The more reasonable design improves the de-marking efficiency and de-marking rate, aiming at the better de-marking effect of the compression bottle.With high efficiency and high yield, strong machine stability, the off-label rate is far higher than the market level, making it an indispensable equipment in the production line of high-quality PET bottle chips.

The new delabeling machine is mainly used for separating trademark paper of PET plastic bottles, which is one of the necessary auxiliary equipment before crushing and further cleaning PET bottles.