Professional stripper marking paper machine

- Jan 31, 2020-

1. The design adopts imported alloy steel cutter grain and cast steel knife plate, with long wear resistance.Claw-type cutting tool, welding tool head, tool particles will not fall off, more convenient to change the knife.

2. Alloy knife and tool holder wear long and can be replaced:

3. According to the size of the beverage bottle, the size of the cutter and friction gap of the paper stripper can be adjusted by itself, so as to achieve the best effect of removing the label.

The stripper is specially designed for separating trademark wrappers from plastic bottles (except glued ones). It is the ideal equipment for crushing and further cleaning of plastic bottles.Mainly to meet the PET cleaning line plastic bottles to trademark paper section and plastic bottle recycling yard to trademark packaging production needs.

The success of the research and development of paper stripper has completely changed the previous situation of relying on manual stripping, and greatly improved the production efficiency, reduced the cost, reduced the labor intensity, and will produce good economic and social benefits.

PET bottle delabeling machine consists of two parts:

1. The de-labeling link is composed of the de-labeling cylinder, the spindle, the moving tool on the shaft and the fixed tool on the cylinder wall, all of which use the carbide tip. The label is stripped off by the contact between the moving tool and the fixed tool in the process of internal mechanical advancement.

Two, the separation link, mainly has the separation cylinder, the main fan, the auxiliary fan, the spiral wind channel composition, through the wind separation.High efficiency, energy saving (no need for water), convenience, and easy to machine daily maintenance.The off-label rate is as high as 96% or more.