PVC plastic powder sieving machine

- Jul 05, 2019-

  PVC plastic powder screening machine (can be called energy saving and environmental protection screening equipment) USES vibration motor excitation as the vibration source.

I.The working principle 

Make the material be thrown up on the screen, at the same time make straight movement forward, the material from the feeder evenly into the feed port of the screening machine, through the multi-layer screen to produce a number of specifications of the screen, screen under the material, from their respective outlets, so as to achieve the ideal screening effect. Widely used in plastics, chemical, food, medicine, environmental protection and abrasive industries.

II.The characteristics :

1. It is applicable to the classification of granule and powder and automatic screening of liquid.

2, with the type of storage bucket, suitable for use with shredder.

3. Contact parts with materials are all stainless steel. The base is equipped with movable spring, which can absorb more than 98% vibration noise.

4. The aperture of the sieve has phi 7, phi 3, phi 2, and other specifications as required.

5. The power supply is controlled by magnetic switch, which can effectively prevent the power shortage or overload, and can cut off the power supply rapidly in case of danger.

6. Medium frequency, high amplitude, low noise, equipped with universal casters (straight shape), shock absorbers (round) for easy movement.

7. Strong tension of sieve, easy to replace and clean.

8. The screen bed surface is inclined, and the best effect is achieved by taking out the material and screening material at the inclined Angle.

III.Features of sifting machine:

1, stainless steel manufacturing, ensure that raw materials are not polluted, easy to clean.

2, exquisite design, simple operation, durable.

3, high efficiency, wide range of application, can be used in medicine, food, chemical, plastic and other industries particle screening machine, especially suitable for plastic shredder, granulator auxiliary use.

4, special vibration motor, permanent use without trouble, can be customized according to customer requirements.

5, strong vibration power, large screen area, thorough screening.

6. Equipped with fan, it can be used for cooling evacuation, preventing agglomeration, removing moisture and screening materials.

This series of plastic particle sieving machine is exquisitely designed, durable and easy to operate. The main body is made of stainless steel to ensure the purity of raw materials. All around the plastic particle sieve machine is supported by springs, and the main body and materials move up and down through the vibration power of the vibration motor, and then through the screening of the two-layer sieve screen, the materials are divided into three sizes according to the aperture range of the sieve screen. Plastic vibration screen to change the net, easy to clean, fast. Less fault, easy maintenance, convenient maintenance.