Recycled plastics

- Aug 16, 2019-

Recycled plastic is one of the waste plastics. It refers to the plastic made from waste products that have been used, eliminated or replaced, cleaned and crushed.

Plastic recycling is a very important research direction of renewable resources in recent years. Waste plastic, especially after consumption waste plastic is the focus of recycling. All kinds of latest recycling technologies and plastic cycle models of waste plastics are expounded from the perspective of recycling methods and approaches.

Introduction to the

Recycled plastic is a kind of waste plastic, refers to the use in civil, industrial and other USES, used and eventually eliminated or replaced and after cleaning and crushing of waste products made of plastic called recycled plastic.

Note: broadly speaking, recycled plastics refer to any reuse of scraps or waste products, including pyrolysis of useful raw chemicals. Recycled plastics can be mixed with or without fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants, etc.

Generally speaking: thermoplastics can be recycled, but many plastic products are difficult to recycle because of surface treatment. Currently, the most recycled products are limited to plastic bottles, CDS and a few other products.

Current situation and problems of waste plastic recycling

Plastic products not only bring convenience to human beings, but also bring great negative effects. With the substantial increase in the use of plastic, waste plastic is difficult to degrade naturally, resulting in increasingly serious environmental pollution. Recycling has opened up a way of reducing, harmless and recycling waste plastics. At present, all countries attach great importance to the recycling and utilization of waste plastics, and invest a lot of manpower and material resources, and even develop various key technologies of recycling and utilization of waste plastics through legislation. The present situation of recycling and utilization of waste plastics and the research progress and development trend of recycling and utilization technology of waste plastics in recent years in China were reviewed. 

Management strategy of plastic waste generation and recycling

Through field investigation and data research, this paper analyses the flow of plastic packaging waste and environmental characteristics, summarizes the basic characteristics of plastic packaging waste recovery and the experience and lessons, this paper discusses the characteristics of plastic packaging waste recovery mode, analyzes the problems existing in the recovery process, and puts forward some countermeasures to strengthen the management of plastic packaging waste recovery. The results show that the plastic packaging is an important part in plastic products, due to the quality of light, the recovery is big, not easy to recycle, every year in our country has a large number of plastic packaging waste, municipal solid waste landfill site as one of the main flow of plastic packaging waste and pollution. Plastic packaging waste recovery according to of our country at present The problem of plastic pollution cannot be solved in a short time, and long-term comprehensive management countermeasures must be adopted, such as reducing the source, formulating economic policies to encourage recycling and utilization, and adopting appropriate harmless disposal methods, etc.. 

Significance of recycling plastics

Due to the increasing use of plastic, waste plastic has caused serious environmental pollution, but at the same time contains important renewable resources. Recycled plastics are the different types of plastics that have recycling value at the end of their service life. Almost all thermoplastics have recycling value. Shortage of non-renewable resources, such as oil and coal resources, and waste plastics recycling, concentrated, classification, scientific and reasonable disposal of renewable value can be obtained after realize recycling, therefore, from the view point of the earth's resources saving and environment protect the earth, research and development of waste plastics recycling method, technology and machinery will be a key point in the future. At present, all countries attach great importance to the recycling of waste plastics and devote themselves to developing the key technologies of recycling and utilization of waste plastics. Since the beginning of the 21st century, China's plastic recycling industry has become increasingly prosperous. Small and medium-sized enterprises, such as yongquan, have emerged with active investment, and are developing into an environmental protection industrial economy with clustering recycling and processing, intensive market transactions, and driven by market demand and price.