Recycling plastic mechanical equipment

- Jan 10, 2020-

Off-label machine is very suitable for small and medium-sized plastic bottle processing plants.This machine is a high-tech device specially designed for the efficient separation of bottle body and label paper, bottle and cap of pet mineral water bottle, beverage bottle and oil bottle.Go to all kinds of plastic bottles of trademark wrapping paper, reduce labor costs

Beverage bottle labeling machine, plastic bottle pet bottle labeling machine, marking machine, plastic bottle labeling machine, coke bottle labeling machine, mineral water bottles to take off the marking machine, ding auspicious machinery marking machine principle is off after the bottles into the hopper, using standard on alloy steel knife grain, the trademark on the bottle open a mouth, with spindle blade welding on a main shaft centerline and helix Angle of rotation, the bottle to the discharging mouth feeding, the teeth on the blade knife to spin out the label, the use of wind energy for separation, in line with the modern environmental protection function, trademark paper strip, can realize the automatic separation of bottles and labels;Good off-label rate (including adhesive label), small painting damage, bottle mouth and bottle body to keep complete, good paper rate (rainy days do not affect the paper effect), trademark paper without cap and bottle pieces, really no loss.