Regenerated plastic cleaning off label machine

- Nov 14, 2019-

Marking machine, also called PET bottle marking machine, marking machine on mineral water bottles, plastic bottles, peeling machine, PET gathers up the marking machine, PET bottle processing production line of trademark is the separation of one of the indispensable equipment, this off for the latest design marking machine, labeling machine in the original standard machine improved the tag stripping off mode and separation mode, and put the original single alloy instead of double row of positive and negative alloy knife knife grain, greatly enhance the service life of take off the blade and take off the scale effect;Label separation from the original paper - blowing air duct to paper - sucking, reduce power consumption, improve the effect of label separation.The new delabeling machine is mainly used for separating trademark paper of PET plastic bottles, which is one of the necessary auxiliary equipment before crushing and further cleaning PET bottles.