Reinforced shaft pet plastic crusher

- Nov 06, 2019-

1, the extruder screw design specifications for Φ 100 type, 105 type, 125 type Φ Φ, Φ type 150,, etc.

2, extruder screw using 45 # carbon steel fine processing, with high strength, long life characteristics.

3. The extruder barrel is made of no. 45 seamless steel tube with fine inner wall processing.It has the characteristics of matching with screw, tight clearance, symmetrical and reasonable design.As a result, the products are of uniform thickness, without pores and of high quality.

4, Φ type 180 production of PP (polypropylene) is expected to 300 kg/hour, production of LDPE (PE) is expected to 400 kg/hour, nissan 6 to 20 tons of paper mill waste

5. Rated power of the superior supporting motor is 33 kw -4, and rated power of the subordinate supporting motor is 7.5 kw -4.