Strong pressure water bottle crushing cleaning machine

- Feb 01, 2020-

1: the body is made of high quality high carbon steel by professional welders, with solid welding, hard inner surface, smooth grinding, easy cleaning and no residual

2: comminution interior structure for metal, aluminum pieces comminution professional design, blade material: imported nine luo silicon high speed steel tool, add water to break, no heat!Sharp!!!The Angle of the blade is scientifically designed as a hollow eight-figure tool holder;Eat fast;Mesh aperture 30MM, fixed knife

4, knife 6;Hot shrinkage treatment, blade Angle scientific design!The cutting force increases exponentially;The exterior design is beautiful and generous.

3. Adopt all-copper wire motor;Motor power: 22KW, diameter of large feeding: 650MM*700MM, spindle speed: 700rpm, energy saving design, high output: 800KG/H.Motor with overload protection switch, safe and convenient operation.

4: the motor is equipped with safety protective cover to ensure the safety of personnel in use.The machine is easy to use, less power consumption, rugged and durable.Daily inspection and maintenance

1. Carefully check whether the fastening bolt at each joint is loose.If it is loose, it will cause damage to the machine.

2. Whether the connection from motor to switch is worn or not, the bearing should be lubricated regularly.The maintenance of the motor shall be carried out by skilled technicians with professional knowledge.

3, every three months to carry out a small overhaul, 6-12 months to carry out a major overhaul, regular inspection of the cable.