Suction feeder

- Aug 02, 2019-

   Suction machine is widely used in the raw material transportation industry of injection molding machine, extruder and other equipment. It has the advantages of convenient installation, simple operation, strong long-distance transportation capacity, stable production and reliable operation.

Basic concept of suction machine


Suction machine for injection molding raw material delivery, can automatically feed to the injection molding machine. When there is a shortage of material in the drum of the plastic central feeding system, the signal of the suction machine will be given. Suction machine USES the principle of air pumping to transfer the plastic raw material to the injection molding machine in the bucket, when the material reaches a certain degree, the suction opportunity to stop, until the material is not enough to transport again.

Suction feeder is in the original machine, on the basis of developing a new type of machine design a small central feed, it is of strong attraction, simple operation, good appearance, safe and convenient, the machine is equipped with a fan and a high pressure or six central vacuum hopper, and is suitable for many sets of dehumidification drying feeding or within a single supply a pair of six raw materials must be transported to different machines or VAT, can greatly save space and cost, also can upgrade up to machine use.


Suction machine can be divided into direct suction machine and split-type suction machine two, single type suction machine using carbon brush type motor. The motor can be replaced if damaged. But the split type suction machine USES the independent type motor, may match many suction machines to use simultaneously.

Suction machine can be used together with the crusher, use can be used according to the use situation, appropriate adjustment of the crusher gongs bottom hole size should be suction machine conveyor hole can be. If the material is too long, easy winding shaft, not conducive to use.

Definition of suction machine

In industry and agriculture, the energy of air flow is used to transfer movable materials, so as to further facilitate the use of material transport machinery and equipment.

Composition and characteristics of suction unit

The basic composition of

Control device;

The motor;

Enclosed hopper;

Blanking device;


Check valve;

Air filter;

The characteristics of

Simple operation, easy maintenance, automatic computer operation procedures;

Stainless steel hopper;

Motor protection device;

Automatic alarm for overload and shortage;

Separate design of main machine and barrel, safe and simple operation;

Independent filter device, convenient to remove dust;

700,800g optional electric distribution eye inspection when directly installed machine outlet.

Basic operation of suction machine

The working principle of

Most of the suction machine adopts vacuum suction, the working principle of vacuum suction is to form a certain negative pressure in the hopper cavity and make the material into the hopper. The working process of the automatic microcomputer vacuum machine as follows: when the hopper in the lack of material, contact switch signal to detect material suction machine microcomputer, microcomputer and give a signal to the motor is up and running process of pumping air into vacuum state, when the closed system reaches a certain degree of vacuum and began to absorb, absorb into the hopper after feeding, put the preparation after the material after a certain time, and for the next cycle. When the hopper is full, the contact switch to detect the material will give a signal, and the suction action will be terminated. In the process of this reciprocating cycle, the material can always meet the demand of the equipment.

Use and precautions

The main machine and hopper separate design, safe, simple, independent filter device to remove dust. The independent type suction machine is small in size and light in quality, which can be placed directly on the dryer or other material containers to complete automatic suction. The suction nozzle (suction gun) in the front section of the suction mouth should be inserted into the material box 20 ~ 50cm in the use of the suction machine. When the material in the material box is used up, the suction machine can not absorb the material when the suction machine issued no material alarm, at this time should stop the suction operation. When the waiting box is filled up, restart the suction operation. When the material in the material box can be sucked, but the suction machine still gives out an alarm, should immediately stop the power supply, check whether the motor overload, after troubleshooting the suction operation. The suction machine should be regularly cleaned, first stop the suction machine operation, and then disassemble the filter cover, take off the filter, gently shake the filter, dust and dirt off, wipe with clean cotton yarn before assembly.

In the use of the suction machine should pay attention to check whether the suction tube is inserted into the raw material and whether the material is stuck, whether the system is relatively closed, whether the hopper sealing ring and filter ring need to be replaced, whether the filter is blocked and whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced.