Timber crusher

- Jan 18, 2020-

Main working principles

The machine is mainly composed of the body, the base, the spindle, the moving millstone, the fixed millstone, the end cover and the hopper.Through the triangle belt, the power is transferred to the belt pulley to drive the spindle to rotate, so that the moving grinding disc fixed grinding disc moves relative to each other, thus crushing the sample.The particle size can be controlled by adjusting the clearance of grinding disc through the size of handwheel and spindle.

The machine body is mounted on the base, and its driving part is composed of a transmission shaft, bearing, moving grinding disc, pulley, end cover of the workshop, adjusting shaft, fixed grinding disc, hand wheel and feeding port.

The material is crushed in the workroom. The material is added from the inlet above the end cover and into the middle of the two grinding disks. As a result of extrusion test, the crushed samples flow out of the gap between the two grinding disks and fall into the hopper below.

The mill is made of strong and tough white iron, which has good wear resistance.

The principle of the regulating mechanism is to rotate the handwheel to make the adjusting shaft advance or backward, thus adjusting the clearance of the two millstones and adjusting the particle size of the material.