Transparent plastic bottle

- Jul 05, 2019-

  1. Transparent plastic bottle is a kind of plastic packaging container with transparent white color formed by blow molding, which forms the preform of intermediate product through injection molding, and then forms the plastic bottle through blow molding, which is the two-step molding principle. The transparent plastic bottle is formed by injection molding of special material of polyester. After blow molding, the transparent plastic bottle is expanded in the gun die of the mold according to the specifications of the mold under specific pressure and temperature conditions, and the transparent plastic bottle with corresponding height and thickness is obtained. At present, transparent plastic bottles are widely used in medicine, beverages, mineral water, candy, seasoning and other packaging.

  2. Sheet is introduced


    Hard, good toughness, high strength, bright surface, non - toxic, transparent and multi - color sheet. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to heat seal PET with high frequency, and the price is a little more expensive than PVC. This material is often required to replace PVC by high-end and environment-friendly users. PET material is generally used to make plastic bottles for packaging food, beverage and medicine industries.


    Material is particularly soft, good toughness, environmental protection, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, often made into catering appliances or other high temperature products packaging; But its plasticity, processing difficulty, poor surface gloss, and processing color will become lighter, used to make disposable plastic bottles.


    Soft, strong toughness, good plasticity, can be made transparent and a variety of colors, commonly used transparent PVC packaging cosmetic category purpose plastic bottles.

  3. Related equipment

    Blow molding machine, mixing machine, injection molding machine, pulverizer, air pump, counterflow water pipe, production workshop, purification workshop.

  4. Prospects for development

    The main development direction of transparent plastic bottles is medical packaging, beverage packaging and health care products packaging, and the other trend is to replace recycled plastic with biodegradable plastic.

    Common cosmetics, washing products packaging containers, the vast majority of materials from high-density polyethylene. To meet the packaging requirements of different products, plastic bottles are increasingly rich in materials. Because the transparent plastic bottle container can let consumers clearly see the contents, so consumers have increasingly wide requirements for transparent PP bottle container, and transparent polypropylene is the main material to meet this requirement. The development of PP transparent bottle is a hot spot of plastic bottle packaging at home and abroad in recent years. High transparent polypropylene container, with good transparency and gloss, strong appreciation, quite popular. How to stand out in the modern market where the competition is extremely fierce and the sales mode is constantly evolving? In addition to relying on product innovation and high-quality, fast service, transparent packaging is becoming more and more important. From the point of view of the market, packaging is a form of product in the whole commodity, which is a very important part of the content, through which consumers can have the desire to buy, so as to stimulate consumption. It has been proved that transparent packaging can stimulate consumption and form purchasing power. Transparent packaging consists of transparent packaging and partial transparent packaging. It is through transparent packaging materials, partially or completely displaying the product form of the inner food, so that buyers can directly see the image, color and quality of the food, which not only reflects the natural beauty of the goods, but also facilitates customers' identification and purchase. Such as transparent plastic food bottles, candy cans, bottles at a glance, so that consumers can not help but with relief, sales soared.