Used plastic bottle crusher

- Jan 10, 2020-

Plastic crusher/crusher can break PP/PE film, PVC/ABS pipe, EVA foam

Mainly used for breaking long PVC profiles, such as: plastic doors and Windows, plastic pipes, plates, etc.SWP series horizontal plastic crusher is a new type crusher specially designed for crushing hard and tough plastic profiles. It is an improvement and extension of SWP series crusher.These two models can realize automatic feeding, and there is no fan conveying crushing device, opening device, operation and maintenance is very convenient, is the ideal model for crushing various pipe and profile.

This plastic crusher is made of steel body structure, stable and durable.This machine has 3~12 inner blades and is made of branding steel.It is suitable for crushing soft and hard plastic and rubber head material.Plastic crusher is our company's early development of products, the current technology has been quite mature, its super crushing force and close to the cost of the price, mass production, occupy the pearl river delta region a huge market share